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uPVC Roofline

Paul Pilcher Ltd supplies and installs high quality uPVC Roofline materials. We provide replacements and upgrades to ensure that every component of your roof remains in top condition. Roofline products work together to prevent water running down off the roof and over the surfaces of the walls, which over time will cause damage and significantly weaken the structure of your property. These often forgotten parts of your home play a key role in maintaining the weather tightness of your property, which in turn improves the lifespan of your home.

We replace old timber fittings with modern uPVC roofline products for long-lasting resilience and durability. All of our roofline products are fixed with stainless steel ring shank nails to ensure their long-term functionality. Our uPVC roofline products are low maintenance compared to the older, wooden alternatives as they do not rot as they age.

We repair and replace the following: Guttering• Fascias • Soffits • Cladding • Downpipes

These are available in the following colours: Black ash• White • Golden oak • Rosewood •Mahogany

 Our qualified tradesmen take great pride in keeping every part of your home in the very best shape.